Pavel Rotts (born 1982) is a Helsinki based artist working with a variety of techniques and forms of contemporary practice, including conceptual art, performance, sound-art, experimental music, installation, sculpture, video etc. Pavel previously studied at St.Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, graduated from Pro Arte Institute, St.Petersburg before undertaking the BFA at the University of Arts Helsinki.


Projects as SASHAPASHA duo (see more in SASHAPASHA section)

Penal Labour The project's main topic is the displacement of the Ingrian population during and after WWII.
Potato Island The potato, from Holland, was introduced to Russia by Peter the Great in the 17th century and then became a traditional Russian food. Russia suffered extreme starvation during WWII, and bread was made containing wooden sawdust.
Letters to the Past To address the past is an attempt to put the accelerating machine of progress on pause, to slow down and untangle.
Belomorkanal museum The Domestic Belomor Canal Museum draws together reality and fiction, private memories and official history, found objects and local souvenirs. A ball of red thread Ariadne traces in this labyrinth of meanings.
Go 围棋 Embroidery in the Gulag was a means of communication between the “zone” and freedom. Sea maps are embroidered on the caps representing sea routes of the “Gulag Archipelago”.
Black Swan Tires became a fuel for revolution. Filling the courtyards and streets, they channel this energy through peaceful means, making folk sculptures.
Drumming Head Drum into your head! Sound performance
Valentina Kozinets – The Letter D In 2018, in Sovpolye village we found the home of Valentina Kozinets, an outsider artist who died in 2016. Paintings and notebooks inside the home were doomed to be thrown away. We took the finds with us to preserve the artist's heritage.
ПАРАДНАЯ/RAPPU Rappu is an interactive installation that invites visitors to enter into a typical Russian apartment block.