The idea for the project in Norilsk is based on the letters to Comrades of the Future, a phenomenon widely spread in the Soviet Union. Many time capsules containing letters tvo “Komsomol members of the 21st century” were walled up during the years of the USSR's existence. The dark side of this optimism reveals letters to future generations written by Gulag prisoners, the real “Builders of Communism”. A linear and optimistic understanding of progress exists in contrast to a view on this progress as an ambiguous operation that could lead to collapse.

To address the past is an attempt to put on pause the accelerating machine of progress, to slow down and to untangle.

The city of Norilsk is situated above the polar circle in the Taimyr region of Russia. One of the largest and cruellest of the forced labour camps was situated there and specialised in the excavation of copper and nickel. SASHAPASHA will be travelling to Norilsk during the show. Photographic documentation of their stay in Norilsk will be updated every day within the exhibition.