I am an Ingrian Finn and my family roots are grounded in Leningradskaya oblast - former Ingermanland - the land located along the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. Our connection to this land was cut at the beginning of the Continuation War and my roots are hanging in the air since then. I travelled to the forest near St. Petersburg to collect these roots and bring them to Finland with me. 

In phytology, climbing roots are roots that grow on the above-ground parts of a plant. They function as anchors, affixing the plant to supporting structures such as rocks and walls.

The performance is a collaborative work by SASHAPASHA artistic duo (Pavel Rotts, Sasha Rotts) During the performance I’m climbing the wall using the roots as climbing grips. At the end of the climbing route, I reach the top of the huge shopping mall window to install the biggest tapestry from the Textile Painting series as a flag symbolizing the conquest of the summit. 

photo by Oilli Larjo